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FM Whatsapp

FM WhatsApp APK

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About FM WhatsApp:

FM WhatsApp is the modified version of the official WhatsApp app. It provides users with the more additional features and the customization options, such as themes, fonts, new privacy settings, and more. The FM WhatsApp APK can be downloaded from various third-party websites. This modified version of the app isn’t available to download on the Google Play Store. It has become the more increasingly popular among the users due to its enhanced features and the customization options. With FM WhatsApp, users can enjoy a more personalized experience with the app that is not limited.


  • FM Whatsapp allows the users to the share large files such as photos and videos without any hassle.
  • It offers an enhanced privacy and security as compared to the official WhatsApp.
  • It allows you to hide chats, messages, images and videos from viewers.
  • It offers a wide range of the customization options such as changing the launcher icon and themes.
  • It also supports group messaging and audio/video calls.
  • Fm Whatsapp allows users to download and install latest updates directly via the app.
  • It also supports Android versions 4.0 and above and is it is available on the range of languages.
  • The FM Whatsapp APK is free to download from trusted online stores.
  • It has an easy to use interface and it can be used on any of the Android devices.
  • It also contains the wide range of the features such as themes, stickers, chat lock and much more.
  • It allows users to replace their existing WhatsApp version with FM WhatsApp and enjoy its features.
  • It also offers the enhanced user-experience with its smooth and glitch free performance.


  1. Fm Whatsapp is supported on Android versions 4.0 and above.
  2. It can be installed directly from the app or via a third-party store. It is also available for iOS devices.

Pros & Cons:


– Enhanced privacy and security.

– Wide range of customization options.

– Easy to use interface.

– Offers the wide range of the features.

– Supports group messaging and audio/video calls.

– Free to download.


– Limited compatibility with older Android versions.

– Some features may not be available on iOS devices.

– May require third-party stores to update.

– May be prone to malicious activity.

Upcoming Features:

  1. FM Whatsapp is constantly adding the new features to improve the user experience.
  2. The upcoming features include an improved UI, encrypted chats and a dark mode.
  3. It will also include a new messaging feature that allows users to send messages with an expiration time.
  4. The app will also support multiple accounts on a single device and allow users to set chat themes.
  5. Fm Whatsapp will also support Instagram integration and allow users to watch YouTube videos within the app.
  6. These new features are expected to arrive soon and will surely make FM Whatsapp even more convenient and secure.
  7. The new version will also be optimized for low-end devices and improved battery life.
  8. It is expected to become the go-to choice for many users looking for secure and efficient messaging solutions.

Is FM Whatsapp Is Better Than GB Whatsapp?

The debate of which is better FM Whatsapp vs GB Whatsapp has been ongoing for some time now. Both offer similar features but FM Whatsapp is more user friendly and secure than GB Whatsapp. It has an intuitive UI which contains the broad range of the customization options. It also offers enhanced privacy and security as compared to GB Whatsapp. FM Whatsapp is more reliable and offers more features such as themes, stickers and chat lock. It is also more optimized for low-end devices and has improved battery life.

Overall, download FM Whatsapp Apk because it is a better option than GB Whatsapp Apk and is recommended for those looking for an efficient messaging solution.

Is FM Whatsapp Is Safe To Use?

Yes, FM Whatsapp is safe to use and has a strict privacy policy which ensures that your data remains secure. It follows the same security protocols as the official WhatsApp application and is regularly updated. It also has an advanced chat lock feature that allows you to prevent unauthorized access from others to your messages. It also supports end-to-end encryption in order to protect your chats from hackers.

The developers of FM Whatsapp take security and privacy seriously, which is why they regularly release updates to fix security flaws and enhance user experience.


FM Whatsapp is a great alternative to the official WhatsApp application. It offers enhanced privacy, security and a wide range of customization options. It supports group messaging, audio/video calls and allows users to download and update the latest version directly from the app.

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